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Developer: Matt Gentile

Downloads: 3 (most recent 01 Feb 2011 05:03)

Installation ID: 10 <- You need this number if you want to install the extension using STE!

Revision no.: 3


This is a wonderful sharing tool! Add your wiki to any social sharing site.

Everyone has to enter their "Add This" user name into the appropriate section in the HTML code for this to work. If you do not have an "Add This" username, you may use this username as an alternative: froopi420

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Matt Gentile

20 Dec 2010 19:56. Edited 2 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Just wondering why this wouldn't work? Or should I not have any HTML?

Edit: Nevermind, my mistake, Everyone has to enter their "Add This" user name for this to work.

Included page "inc:signature" does not exist (create it now)

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