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Developer: leiger

Downloads: 6 (most recent 01 Feb 2011 06:34)

Installation ID: 12 <- You need this number if you want to install the extension using STE!

Revision no.: 2


This extension will add the code for a MailForm to STE.


  • A link to the MailForm documentation (as a comment)
  • Visitor's name (restricted by length and RegEx)
  • Visitor's email address (restricted by length and RegEx)
  • Reason for message (suggestion / bug / other)
  • A place to type the message (restricted by length)

See the screenshots on this page for an example of what it looks like.

The intention is that you will use this extension, modify the code as required, then use STE's export function to add it to your contact page. (Optionally, you might want to import the contact page first!)

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Matt Gentile

22 Dec 2010 05:14. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Great work +1

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22 Dec 2010 06:20. Edited 2 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Thanks :)

Did you download it? Have been having problems with the download counter and thought they were fixed, but as it's still at 1 it might just not be counting your download (and I'll need to investigate again).

If you have downloaded it the total should be at least 2, me and you.

Edit: Says 2 now, either someone just downloaded it or it's extremely slow to update :)

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22 Dec 2010 06:28. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
That was me ;-) I was curious as to how it counted the downloads… I think I've got it now.

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22 Dec 2010 10:50. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
The live template has this code:

[[module CountPages category="download" parent="."]]
**Downloads:** %%total%%

Whenever an extension is downloaded, STE just creates a new page in the 'download' category with the extension as parent :)

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