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Developer: leiger

Downloads: 6 (most recent 05 Feb 2011 15:02)

Installation ID: 7 <- You need this number if you want to install the extension using STE!

Revision no.: 0


Based on my Image hover over text CSI package, this extension provides an easy way to show an image when hovering over text.


(optional) prepend

  • A line of text that appears before the text that has a hover effect on it

(required) text

  • The text that you want an image to appear for when the mouse hovers over it

(required) image

  • The image to appear when the text is hovered over
  • Can be either a full URL or a relative URL (e.g. "/pagename/image.png")

(optional) attributes

  • Allows you to set attributes for the image, such as height and width

(optional) append

  • A line of text that appears after the text that has a hover effect on it

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