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Developer: leiger

Downloads: 34 (most recent 10 Mar 2011 00:57)

Installation ID: 8 <- You need this number if you want to install the extension using STE!

Revision no.: 13


This extension will not install unless you are using STE 3.23 (New Year edition) or above.

This is an implementation of the ListPages module as an STE extension.

It includes all possible parameters, and all possible values for those parameters… as a handy reminder of what is possible. All you need to do is to delete what you don't need.

Due to the sheer number of variables though, I have only included an example module body. You'll have to remember the variables that you want to use for now! ;-)

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26 Dec 2010 07:07. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)

Ed Johnson: (post)
I just tried out your new ListPages extension and may have run into a glitch. I entered "999" for the limit on the last prompt, but the variable did not get updated

I've just tested with another number and it still doesn't work, so it must be a mistake on my part with the syntax. Or perhaps the brackets are the problem.

Either way, it's a problem with the module and not with STE. So I'll fix it now.

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01 Feb 2011 03:47. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
I've just added support for link_to (the parameter that allows you to select pages by backlinks) to this extension.

These two code snippets produce identical results:

[[module Backlinks]]
[[module ListPages category="*" pagetype="*" reverse="true" separate="no" link_to="."]]
* %%title_linked%%

The new link_to parameter for the ListPages module allows you to use images attached to pages, or to use data form values, making it extremely powerful compared to the original Backlinks module.

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